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Beyond Q2 2019: Automotive industry is heating up

One of the verticals of 3D printing which saw numerous sports in Q2 became the automotive enterprise as several producers consisting of those in motorsports elevated their dependence on 3D printing.

In June, Audi (ETR: NSU) announced that it has followed Stratasys’ (NASDAQ: SSYS) 3D printers to lessen the prototyping lead production time through 50 percentage.  Later inside the month, Sauber Motorsport announced the growth of its collaboration with three-D Systems because the group delivered five new ProX800 SLA 3D Printer to its facilities in Hinwil, Switzerland.

3D printers

Sauber said that the brand new printers could be used for the production of the dimensions model that is used for wind tunnel trying out, a crucial element for the manufacturing of its race car.

In May, General Motors (NYSE: GM) introduced that it will rely upon 3D printing to provide lighter cars, an important element of its zero-emission vehicle plans. Lighter vehicles would make its electric powered vehicles more efficient.

“That’s interesting and with a purpose to pressure the enterprise in terms of value,” Wohlers said at the adoption of three-D printing with the aid of automobile producers. “Cost remains the main attention–the cost of the materials and machines.”

Wohler’s said that the three-D printing version remains highly-priced for excessive volume production but manufacturers with low quantity or excessive quit sports activities vehicles alongside manufacturers of vehicles and buses are beginning to undertake the systems for actual production.

“For car organizations to stay aggressive because over time you can drive out the cost and weight of automobiles,” Wohler’s said at the car producers adopting the era. “Cost savings can be in phrases of decreasing part counts.”

Wohler’s stated that fee of the machines and materials will go down as volumes go up, evaluating it to the ‘hen and egg’.

3D printers

“As patents expire, we are able to see many new machines that are in large part based totally [on existing patents],” he said. “[Manufacturers] can reproduction and offer these products at lower charge factors.”

Wohlers burdened that there is a lot of opposition a few of the producers of 3D printers in extra current instances, which turned into now not witnessed through the industry players in the previous years.